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Mariana is a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine, a singer/songwriter and the creator of Mamashine. She is also a survivor of postpartum depression. Mariana lives with her energetic son, her husband and various animals in Austin, TX.

5 Mood-Boosting Foods for Postpartum Depression

Let’s talk about a few key foods for women dealing with postpartum depression. These mood-boosting foods provide essential nutrients that are compromised through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. Our bodies pull on our nutritional reserves even more when faced with anxiety and depression, and these mood imbalances, in turn, are linked with depletion. So let’s nurture the roots of health in our bodies, prepping the ground for psychological healing.

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The New World of Mothering

The world of modern motherhood looks quite a bit different than the worlds of motherhood past. Let’s dig into some of these drastic changes in the landscape of mothering, and call up a vision and action plan for vibrant thriving mothers!

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Cultivating Self-Care Sass

Have you gotten out there, into Nature, without your kid(s), just for you? Or if it is riding your bicycle, dancing, painting your toenails, or singing show tunes that makes your heart full, have you done it lately?

If you’ve done it, give yourself a big “well done” acknowledgement that you made it happen. Give yourself a reward sticker! SUPER JOB!

If you haven’t yet done it, then don’t let it get away from you. Nail it down.

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Progesterone Cream for Postpartum Depression

We recently discussed how low levels of progesterone contribute to postpartum depression. Now let’s explore natural progesterone therapy.

To begin with, natural progesterone therapy is a safe alternative for breastfeeding mothers. It is noted for enhancing mood & sex drive. Additionally, studies have shown marked benefits for both mama & baby when used prenatally. The most common method of natural progesterone therapy is bioidentical progesterone cream. Two brands I recommend are Emerita Pro-gest Cream and Natural Progesto-Life Cream.

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Low Progesterone and Postpartum Depression

Childbirth brings a dramatic, immediate shift in the birthing mother’s hormonal balance. Of particular note, women experience a tremendous decrease in the hormone known as progesterone. This fluctuation is thought to be a key culprit in the onset of postpartum depression.

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