My Story

Me and my son (2005)

The journey that lead to the creation of Mamashine began when I was born. My own mother experienced postpartum depression which effected her so deeply that she despaired about how it would effect me as I grew up. She continued to deal with what turned into chronic depression well into my preteens.

Even though I had witnessed and experienced firsthand the erosive effects of postpartum depression on women, I was not prepared when I found myself going through both postpartum exhaustion and depression.

I started Mamashine during my first two years of motherhood while I struggled with postpartum exhaustion, severe sleep deprivation, postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety. I was also dealing with new mother burnout from trying to balance many aspects of my self, my responsibilities, and life as a new mother.

As a holistic practitioner of Traditonal Chinese medicine and a lifelong student of holistic health, I began my journey towards healing postpartum exhaustion and postpartum depression naturally. My efforts succeeded, culminating ultimately in all the content I share on this blog and in my courses and coaching community. Mamashine embodies all that I have learned about restoring postpartum health, mind, and spirit.

I hope I can support you on your journey towards balance and healing as a new mother.

– Mariana Tirsa Kurko