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My Story

The journey that lead to the creation of Mamashine began when I was born. My own mother experienced postpartum depression which affected her so deeply and she despaired about how it would affect me as I grew up. She continued to deal with what turned into chronic depression well into my preteens.

Even though I had witnessed and experienced firsthand the erosive effects of postpartum depression on women, I was not prepared when I found myself going through almost dying in childbirth from a postpartum hemorrhage followed by severe postpartum adrenal exhaustion, postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety.

As a holistic practitioner of Traditional Chinese medicine and a lifelong student of holistic health, I began my journey toward healing my issues naturally and holistically. My efforts succeeded, culminating ultimately in all the content I share on this blog and in my one-to-one coaching.

Mamashine embodies all that I have learned about restoring postpartum health, mind, and spirit with an emphasis on postpartum exhaustion and postpartum adrenal fatigue.

The services I provide in my one-to-one coaching are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine,  and Somatic/Mindfulness Stress Reduction theories and philosophies. I’ve found the most effective techniques to be an integration of physical, mental, and emotional.

Many times an emotional illness may have hormonal imbalances that make the issue worse, or vice versa so in my practice oftentimes, I integrate different therapies to ensure you are getting the support you need.

I hope I can support you on your journey toward balance and healing as a new mother.

– Mariana

Me and my son after my recovery (2005)

Me and my mother (1972)

Mariana Kurko L.Ac

 Mariana Kurko is a functional medicine-based licensed acupuncture/herbalist practitioner and somatic/mindfulness facilitator who has dedicated her career to assisting women in their period of early motherhood. She specializes in mental-emotional health, postpartum/early motherhood support, hormonal support, stress, pain management, exhaustion, and holistic pediatrics. Mariana has a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, a BA in Integrative Health from Goddard College, and is nationally certified with NCCAOM.

She is also a certified Massage Therapist, Health Coach (motivational Interviewing approach), certified in Medical Qi Gong, trained with Acupuncture Without Borders, and has additional training in pediatrics, allergies, and ancestral nutrition. She has been practicing holistic medicine for over 20 years.  

Mariana Kurko L.Ac

Medical Disclaimer

Mamashine does not intend to provide medical advice. Although we try to empower our readers to be advocates for their own health, the content on this blog is not meant to be a substitute for medical guidance. For more information, please read our full Disclaimer.

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