3 Simple Daily Habits for Motherhood Stress

In the wake of adjusting to life with a new baby, routines tend to center around Baby’s needs. But the vital truth is you, as a mother, need a nurturing routine that is just about YOU. Postpartum stress can eat away at your focus on self-care. And mamas all too easily put themselves last. Yet one secret to deep satisfaction is dedicating some consistent space in your life where you put yourself first.

If you need an incentive for prioritizing your self-care, think on this:

  • Children imitate what we do. If your child consistently sees you taking care of yourself, she will embody this habit. The priority of self-care will come alive in her core.
  • All human life is sacred, including yours. You deserve tender love and care, just like everyone else does.
  • Draw from a full well. Prevent burnout, depletion, and fatigue by making sure your needs are met.
  • Loving yourself grows your capacity for loving others. Consider this beautiful encouragement from Susun Weed: “As we love ourselves, and nourish all aspects of ourselves, a rare compassion is nourished, a tender compassion for everyone and everything…The heart bursts with compassion. The floodgates of love spill over.”

3 Daily Self-Care Habits

  1. Sit for 3 minutes. Wake up and start brewing a cup of nourishing herbal tea. Drink a glass of fresh water, then sit comfortably. Just sit, and focus on your breathing. Baby is welcome to join you. You don’t need to structure a meditation—simply sit still and take in the present moment.
  2. Read for 3 minutes. Read something inspirational. Explore the writings of strong women and mothers, spiritual literature, poetry. One uplifting sentence can influence your whole day, inviting you to feel more connected and less isolated. Place favorite inspirational books throughout your house in spots you frequent with Baby.
  3. Share for 3 minutes. Share with your spouse, a friend, sister, a forum, or your mother something about YOU daily. Not what the baby did or didn’t do. It is your internal world that needs to be shared. You are undergoing enormous transition and transformation; you must not neglect the inner you. Others may focus on the baby—it’s up to you to ensure you voice your inner self on a daily basis.

Take postpartum life one moment at a time. Be kind to yourself as you gently lean into nurturing self-care habits.

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