3 Steps to Appreciating Yourself

Motherhood is hard work. And we rarely get told we are doing a good job.

Everyone loves to be noticed and appreciated for their hard work. Just because we’re mothers doesn’t mean that we stop needing recognition. Sometimes we get praise from our partners or our friends, but a lot of the time women feel invisible in the work of motherhood.

Why wait to receive the appreciation you crave from others? By holding out this expectation, you make yourself vulnerable to resent if or when others do not comply.

Appreciating yourself is empowering! Being your own fan can be a refreshing, fun process!

Here are three ideas of how you can do this.

1. Inspiring Flowers

We love flowers for special occasions, but they make us feel special anytime. This week, buy yourself some flowers, even if it’s only one rose, just because. Yes, just because you deserve it!

2. Lovely Hot Bath

Hot baths nourish our bodies and souls. Plus, they are easy to make happen! This week, give yourself a pampering bath. Let everyone know that for one hour you are enjoying some healing water time. Add your favorite rejuvenating herbs, essential oils, or bath salts to the hot water, and settle in.

3. Give Yourself Praise

Think of one thing you handled well this week.

Did you have a lot of patience with your child at the supermarket when you could have gotten really frustrated? Did you handle figuring out child care or schools? Did you fit some exercise into your busy day? Did you make dinner when you were really exhausted? Did you ask for some help when it was hard to ask?

Choose something, no matter how simple, to praise yourself about. If for YOU it was important—no matter how it might seem to someone else—give yourself a solid “Well Done.” Say it strongly and with conviction!

Try looking at yourself in the mirror while you say it. Do a little victory dance. Yeah, I know it sounds goofy, but sometimes we need to switch things up!

Learn to be your best fan!

None of us are doing everything right all the time and we ALL do some things not so well or even badly. By practicing giving yourself moments of appreciation for all the things you ARE doing—and simply for who you ARE—you will see how it is both energizing and brings joy into your heart.

By full-heartedly appreciating yourself when you know you need it, you will naturally offer loving appreciation to others, such as your mom friends and your partner.

You also reap the added benefit of teaching your child self-esteem by showing them how to unconditionally appreciate themselves.

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