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You are Not Meant to Do This Alone

Our Nature is not to live in isolated nuclear families. Our Nature is to live in close connection with extended families and communities.

Children are not meant to be raised by their mothers alone. Humans are co-creative creatures. We are cooperative breeders.

Women are not designed to go through pregnancy alone.

Women are not meant to go through birth alone.

And most importantly, women are not meant to be alone in the postpartum period.

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The New World of Mothering

The world of modern motherhood looks quite a bit different than the worlds of motherhood past. Let’s dig into some of these drastic changes in the landscape of mothering, and call up a vision and action plan for vibrant thriving mothers!

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Honoring The Postpartum Mama

How do we care for ourselves in the postpartum time and onward into the early years of motherhood? There is plenty of information available to women about how to take care of themselves and their baby during preconception & pregnancy. What’s missing is attention to the next stage of a woman’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing immediately after birth.

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