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Practicing self-care as a mother is an act of great courage and one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Taking care of your own needs helps you balance your “mother self” with your “other self” so you can be a more present and intentional parent.

Reintegrating My Self Post Pregnancy & Birth

Becoming a mom is a wild ride. A woman enters pregnancy as one version of herself, and comes through birth transformed into a new version of this self. And she is entrusted with the intimate caretaking of a tiny being who is completely dependent on her for sustenance and safety. The process of childbearing is earthshaking. As mothers, we dive into nurturing and nourishing our babies and children. We catapult off the cliff of Maiden, landing in the realm of Motherhood. In a new land, we are a new Us.

Since birthing our first daughter three and a half years ago, I have often wondered, how the heck am I supposed to reintegrate myself? Am I even supposed to reintegrate at all? Here I’ll share a few of my defining moments in dancing with that question, and claiming my own path of motherhood.

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Cultivating Self-Care Sass

Have you gotten out there, into Nature, without your kid(s), just for you? Or if it is riding your bicycle, dancing, painting your toenails, or singing show tunes that makes your heart full, have you done it lately?

If you’ve done it, give yourself a big “well done” acknowledgement that you made it happen. Give yourself a reward sticker! SUPER JOB!

If you haven’t yet done it, then don’t let it get away from you. Nail it down.

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3 Steps to Appreciating Yourself

Motherhood is hard work. And we rarely get told we are doing a good job.

Everyone loves to be noticed and appreciated for their hard work. Just because we’re mothers doesn’t mean that we stop needing recognition. Sometimes we get praise from our partners or our friends, but a lot of the time women feel invisible in the work of motherhood.

Why wait to receive the appreciation you crave from others? By holding out this expectation, you make yourself vulnerable to resent if or when others do not comply.

Appreciating yourself is empowering! Being your own fan can be a refreshing, fun process!

Here are three ideas of how you can do this.

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3 Simple Daily Habits for Motherhood Stress

In the wake of adjusting to life with a new baby, routines tend to center around Baby’s needs. But the vital truth is you, as a mother, need a nurturing routine that is just about YOU. Postpartum stress can eat away at your focus on self-care. And mamas all too easily put themselves last. Yet one secret to deep satisfaction is dedicating some consistent space in your life where you put yourself first.

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Letter to a New Mother

Your moods and emotions may span the spectrum of the rainbow. One day you may feel sweet like the pinks and coral tones. Another day you may be deep and quiet like the blues of the sea. And sometimes you’ll rage red and brown, like a forest fire. Your motherhood is unique to you, a daily work in progress.

Striving for motherhood perfection is based on achieving our cultural, mental idea of what a “perfect” mother is…It’s truly a mind f-ck.

The perfect mother for your children is who YOU are, not who someone else says you should be, or the version of saintly or hip mothering that you constantly compare yourself to.

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