Cultivating Self-Care Sass

Have you gotten out there, into Nature, without your kid(s), just for you? Or if it is riding your bicycle, dancing, painting your toenails, or singing show tunes that makes your heart full, have you done it lately?

If you’ve done it, give yourself a big “well done” acknowledgement that you made it happen. Give yourself a reward sticker! SUPER JOB!

If you haven’t yet done it, then don’t let it get away from you. Nail it down.

Deal with your objections

Does this self-talk sound familiar?

  • I don’t have the time.
  • It’s selfish.
  • I’m not worthy.
  • I have to help everyone else.

What if you countered those objections directly?

Talk backĀ in a sassy mama voice

  • I don’t have the time NOT to take care of myself.
  • “Selfish” lets me be the mama I want to be.
  • I may not feel worthy, but my kids are worth it and I do this for them. (I’m learning about my worth.)
  • I have to help myself, too.

Deal with the objections head on and move forward with your luminous life. Acknowledge these doubts, and meet them with fierce compassion in the form of a sassy expression of self-love. Objections come up constantly, sure. BUT just remember, negative self-talk is parasitic, always sucking your blood – your LIFE VITALITY. Address it, re-frame it, and let the negativity slip away like a soft transient breeze. And let that loving sass settle into your heart and refuel your spirit.

Now get your tush out there!

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