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Most new mothers experience a level of stress and fatigue they never knew was possible. Fortunately there are a number of ways you can get more rest and ease your daily stress that are both natural and safe for you and your baby.

Adaptogens for Adrenal Fatigue and Postpartum Depression

Adrenal fatigue occurs when your small but powerful adrenal glands are overworked and depleted. This usually occurs as a result of chronic stress combined with inadequate nutrition and sleep deprivation. New mothers face the demands of caring for a baby in the wake of the steep hormonal shift at childbirth and are especially susceptible to adrenal fatigue. Here are some of the best adaptogens for adrenal fatigue and depression that are safe for breastfeeding.

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Postpartum Adrenal Fatigue

New mothers are especially susceptible to adrenal fatigue. Childbirth brings a quick dramatic shift in hormonal balance, setting the stage for further imbalance. Couple this shift with the demands of new motherhood, postpartum healing, and isolation, and you may be in for a case of adrenal fatigue. According to Dr. Sara Gottfried, adrenal fatigue is the most common hormonal imbalance that women experience.
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3 Simple Daily Habits for Motherhood Stress

In the wake of adjusting to life with a new baby, routines tend to center around Baby’s needs. But the vital truth is you, as a mother, need a nurturing routine that is just about YOU. Postpartum stress can eat away at your focus on self-care. And mamas all too easily put themselves last. Yet one secret to deep satisfaction is dedicating some consistent space in your life where you put yourself first.

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Letter to a New Mother

Your moods and emotions may span the spectrum of the rainbow. One day you may feel sweet like the pinks and coral tones. Another day you may be deep and quiet like the blues of the sea. And sometimes you’ll rage red and brown, like a forest fire. Your motherhood is unique to you, a daily work in progress.

Striving for motherhood perfection is based on achieving our cultural, mental idea of what a “perfect” mother is…It’s truly a mind f-ck.

The perfect mother for your children is who YOU are, not who someone else says you should be, or the version of saintly or hip mothering that you constantly compare yourself to.

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4 Ways To Avoid Postpartum Exhaustion

Tiredness and exhaustion is something all mothers feel at some time in the first few weeks, months, and yes, even years, after their child is born. Here are four simple strategies you can use to help you manage postpartum exhaustion.

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