The New World of Mothering

The world of modern motherhood looks quite a bit different than the worlds of motherhood past. Let’s dig into some of these drastic changes in the landscape of mothering, and call up a vision and action plan for vibrant thriving mothers!

The Modern Mama

First, we’ll take a look at some specific ways our world is different than the world of our mothers, grandmothers, and our ancestors.

We’re with our children more

Surprised to hear this? According to a recent University of California, Irvine study, “Mothers – and fathers – across most Western countries are spending more time with their children than parents did in the mid-’60s.” You hardworking, multitasking, multifaceted mamas can release yourself of the guilt on this one!

We’re more likely to work

According to 2015 statistics, 83% of US babies are born to millennial mothers (ages 18-32). These mothers are much more likely to work than their mothers were. In fact, 65% of mothers with children under age six are working, doubling statistics of the previous generation.

We’re more alone

The modern mother needs to build her own village. More than half of millennial moms say that extended family is less likely to live nearby. 61% are unmarried at the time of birth, and only 62% of all millennial mamas say that the father is “pitching in.” Our current US culture is tragically disconnected from the communal living that was the common way of life for our ancestors. We are designed to raise our children together in groups of closely intertwined community. Modern mothers all too often suffer from both the isolation and the steep responsibility of raising their children too much on their own.

We’re even more than all of that!

Associate professor of psychology, Tania Lombrozo, reflects on the dynamic modern mother: “Women aren’t simply ‘mothers’ or ‘scientists’ or ‘scholars.’ They are individuals who find themselves in unique situations, one-of-a-kind webs of interests, opportunities and obligations.” We are now in a time when mothers are realizing every aspect of their being; including motherhood, career, creativity, spirituality, personal health and wellness, prosperity, intimacy, and service. Let’s support each mother to be her whole self.

Modern Mothers Deserve to Thrive

It’s time for us to completely honor the transition into motherhood. In body and soul. In ourselves and in one another. It is time to help women to be able to actualize themselves in all aspects. To do this we need to come together as women, as health care providers, and as professionals to support women fully in the time around childbirth and the transition into motherhood–with heart-full intention. This will create empowered pathways that will allow a flourishing not only in women’s lives but also for their families and communities.

You can start with:

  • Honoring what is most important to you. YOU decide your priorities and what you cherish the most. Know that this doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s roadmap for living. What is sacred to YOU is your guiding post.

  • Honor your sisters, by blood and beyond. Honor all of the mothers you know and meet, remembering that their self is dynamic, too. Their path of motherhood is unique and sacred.

  • Ask for what you need! Get humble and ask for the help you really want. Get vulnerable and put your vision out there for what you really want to manifest. Allow others to join you in co-creating the vibrant fabric of your life.
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