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Mari is a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine, a singer/songwriter and the creator of Mamashine. She is also a survivor of postpartum depression. Mari lives with her energetic son, her husband and various animals in Austin, TX.

Hugging Meditation for New Parents

As parents of a new baby, finding ways to create more connection and intimacy between each other can seem like the last thing you have the time or energy for. For new parents, I like simple marriage tips that can be implemented without big investments of time. What my husband and I have tried recently to help bring us closer together is “hugging meditation.”

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Communication Tips for Tired Parents

Once you bring a new baby to a relationship, you have less time, energy, and patience for your partner. Many couples find that they start having more trouble in their marriage after a baby comes along even if they feel the baby has brought them closer together. It’s a confusing paradox! This is when getting really good at listening and understanding each other makes a big impact on daily life and the wellbeing of your new family.

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How to Sleep Better by Getting Back To Nature

Modern electricity is something we take for granted. It lets us have and do so much, but there is one subtle and negative effect it can have on our health. Something some people are more sensitive to than other people.

Artificial light interferes with our body’s ability to sink into a restful sleep by disrupting our natural circadian rhythms. As someone who has suffered from sleep problems all my life, I have discovered that I am in fact quite sensitive to the effects of light and dark.

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10 Sleep Tips For Breastfeeding Moms

During my son’s early years, sleep was particularly difficult for me. After his night feedings, or if he woke up when he was teething, I often could not go back to sleep. I’d be up for hours, agitated and exhausted by the time morning came. Here are 10 sleep aids and tips that are effective & safe for breastfeeding mamas.

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Herbal Safety Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Many women are concerned, and rightly so, about what gets passed on to their babies through their breast milk. Considering that we are exposed to thousands of chemicals now (even rocket fuel is being detected in breast milk!), things are rather complicated when it comes to discerning what’s best for the health of our babies.

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