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Postpartum weight loss can be challenging and requires finding creative ways to add simple fitness into your everyday life. Getting enough rest, eating well and finding small opportunities to be just a little active every day can help you reach your goal.

4 Ways to Create Time for Postpartum Fitness

When we become moms, our fitness routines take a complete 180. If you never had much of a fitness routine before having kids and want to create one now, there is A LOT to navigate. Though my son was born over seven years ago, I STILL haven’t lost that pregnancy weight! This has frustrated me to no end, and I’ve taken it as my mission to figure out why women struggle so much with postpartum weight loss.

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Adding Strength Training to Everyday Activities

My sweet labrador Molly is my four-legged child. She has needs that pull at me daily. I adore her and love being with her. But sometimes I feel like she is another being who needs something from me, and I feel strapped for time!At minimum, she needs a daily walk, two 10 minute ball-throwing sessions and a weekly swim and doggie social hour for her to feel her best and be calm. Most of the time, my husband and I piece this together, but a lot of the time we’re not able to get it all in.

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Integrating Fitness into Daily Life

For so many years I have tried the common route to fitness by going to the gym and doing workouts. I’ve done it for short periods of time, six months being the longest, but eventually, I quit. Yes, I like the feeling I get from working out, and I do prefer feeling fit versus not.

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6 Steps toward Postpartum Weight Loss

Weight loss after pregnancy is a whole different thing than trying to loose weight at other life stages. A new mom faces new life challenges, including erratic sleep patterns, skipping meals, complete lack of personal time, frequent interruptions, loose ligaments and changes in pelvic structure, the high demands on energy reserves for breastfeeding, and hormone fluctuations–to name a few!

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