Why We Resist Self-Care

I have worked with many moms, and a lot with myself, to make positive changes around our health and happiness by incorporating more self-care into our lives. The greatest obstacle I have discovered to transforming motherhood stress actually comes primarily from within ourselves.

Many of us hold beliefs that keep us locked in a “safety zone” of  being less then what we actually can be. We want to change or improve our lives, but when it comes to actually taking action, there’s an undercurrent of resistance that blocks our progress. We aren’t at peace with our situations but it is safe and familiar. Safety feels a lot better then being threatened by our inner fears, even if we know our fears aren’t real.

Watch as I describe how I deal with limiting beliefs that hold me back:

Beliefs that get in the way of your self care

  • I’m not worthy of feeling good, contentment, or joy
  • I’m flawed and don’t deserve better
  • I will be rejected and abandoned if I change
  • Other women will be jealous if I feel great
  • I will get unwanted attention from men
  • I will  change and no longer want to be with our partners
  • My energy will be overwhelming to ourselves and those around me
  • I will not be able to continue to be a good mother

The next time you are struggling to do something that makes you either feel good, or betters your life in some way, take some reflective time with a journal and see what belief is holding you back.

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