Creativity, Motherhood and Keeping Your Spark

As women, we are creators of life. This creativity is both in our physical body as well as in our energy body. When we are pregnant, the creative flow moves internally into the creation of our baby and stays internal for the first few years. After our children become a little more independent, however, the need to live our creative passions still needs to be expressed.

For some women, the creative flow is satisfied in the raising of children and the creation of a home life centered around their children. There are many women, however, who’s creative needs lie beyond their children.

For one woman, it may be music, poetry or writing. For others, it is in service and community development, business or entrepreneurship. It really can be anything. What is at the core for all is the need to CREATE. It is a need outside the responsibility to make a living or to take care of her family. This creativity is the same creative energy that runs through a woman’s being that also brings children into the world. They are one and the same.

What is challenging, is that women still feel guilty after becoming mothers to do anything that is just about them. To follow one’s personal dreams for many women still feels like a selfish act. Something a “good mother” is happily willing to compromise. Even if you can get over the guilt, there is the problem of HOW to do what you love and be a mom, and possibly work as well. Being a mother is very time and energy consuming, and because many women also have to work as well, the ability to also follow one’s passions can feel impossible and daunting. Some women have been able to integrate their passion with their work, but many have not.

The creative energy is something that is at the heart of our self, and when we can’t find a form of expressing it and giving it a home, it builds inside as tension and erodes our ability to be present with our children. This can lead to many imbalances in our lives, from placing our dreams onto our children, to using alcohol or excessive eating to deal with our frustration and sadness.

The dissatisfaction that many women feel is confusing. They can have a wonderful family life, even a good job, but if this core creative spark is not being met in even the smallest way, the harmony of their whole beings is off course. It’s very much like the fairytale of the princess and the pea. She can’t rest because there is that one pea at the bottom of all those mattresses. She can feel that one disturbance.

If this resonates with you, then start with recognizing that the creative energy that you brought your child into the world with is the same as the energy that wants to be expressed in other ways. It is possible to be a fully expressive woman and still be a devoted mom.

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