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Postpartum depression is actually caused by imbalances and deficiencies commonly experienced by most new mothers. Women with postpartum depression can speed their recovery with herbs and supplements, nutrition, rest and loving support.

St. John’s Wort for Postpartum Depression

Herbs are wonderful allies for holistically addressing postpartum depression. A great place to start is the herb St. John’s Wort. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is considered one of the best Western herbs for mild to moderate depression. It is also the most studied and widely used herb for alleviating depression, and is used extensively in Europe as a first line of treatment.

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Postpartum Depression: Let Vulnerability Be Your Lifeline

Appearances can be deceiving. Sometimes that’s a good thing, like when you can grab all the laundry off the couch and toss it in the bedroom before your mother-in-law stops by unexpectedly.

And sometimes it’s a bad thing, like when you finally confessed your crush to the cute barista who always wore the C+C Music Factory t-shirt and he replied that he wore it ironically, and then you couldn’t go back to that coffee shop for the next decade.

And sometimes it’s a downright dangerous thing, like when your friend asks how you’re doing these days and you smile and tell her you’re loving every moment, but silently you’re wondering how you’re going to make it through the week. Or through the day. Or through the conversation.

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St. John’s Wort and Breastfeeding

St. John’s wort is one of the best herbal remedies for mild to moderate depression. Many mothers with postpartum depression benefit from St. John’s wort. There is, however, conflicting information in general about the safety of herbs and breastfeeding, including St. John’s wort.

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Fish Oils for Postpartum Depression

Fish oils are an important natural remedy for general depression and can be very helpful in a natural postpartum depression treatment plan. Here are some tips for choosing fish oils that will give you the greatest benefits.

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10 Myths About Postpartum Depression

Due to an abundance of myths that many people mistake for facts, we often misunderstand postpartum depression. These insights may help you discern fact from fiction as you meet with conflicting information.

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