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Susan Tate is a health educator and founder of Washington Wellness Associates. A respected health educator for over forty years, Susan is widely recognized for being a wellness expert who inspires healthy choices from an empowering, loving, and compassionate perspective. She is also the author of Into the Mouths of Babes.

A Delightful Diet for Postpartum Mamas

There is often much emotion attached to the word “diet.” Did you know the English word “diet” has its roots in the beautiful ancient Greek word díaita? The original and longstanding primary meaning of diet is “way of life.” How grand is that? It seems though that we have turned away from this beautiful way of thinking about our diet as a way of life through attaching thoughts of deprivation, suffering, restriction, and even martyrdom to this four-letter word. Does this perspective do us any good?

Let’s return for a moment to looking at our diet as our way of life.

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6 Nourishing Eating Habits for New Mamas

Pregnancy and motherhood can be a motivating time to add on to and enhance your own personal story about eating. In fact, it’s a great time to create a better story, a more nourishing story to pass along to your offspring.

Are you happy with your food choices at this point in your life? Or do your food choices sometimes cause you agony, guilt, or confusion? You may want to consider creating a more nourishing story around food as you answer the following questions.

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