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Practicing self-care as a mother is an act of great courage and one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Taking care of your own needs helps you balance your “mother self” with your “other self” so you can be a more present and intentional parent.

3 Tiny Tips For Staying Afloat Postpartum

Let’s face it, there’s no magical fix for the demands of life with a newborn/infant/toddler, and there’s no one-size-fits-all advice that can make the role of a new parent easy! But occasionally a random insight helps make daily life along the way a just little bit less crushing. So just in case they might be useful, here are a few simple tips.

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Clearing the Heart, Letting Go of Fear & Opening to Love

This is a powerful New Moon ritual that I created, after receiving a dream that told me in many not so subtle ways that it was time to release all that shit in my heart, the stuff about how nobody loves me, how I’m alone, wah wah, etc.  So here’s the ritual.

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Why We Resist Self-Care

I have worked with many moms, and a lot with myself, to make positive changes around our health and happiness by incorporating more self-care into our lives. The greatest obstacle I have discovered to transforming motherhood stress actually comes primarily from within ourselves.

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Hugging Meditation for New Parents

As parents of a new baby, finding ways to create more connection and intimacy between each other can seem like the last thing you have the time or energy for. For new parents, I like simple marriage tips that can be implemented without big investments of time. What my husband and I have tried recently to help bring us closer together is “hugging meditation.”

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Communication Tips for Tired Parents

Once you bring a new baby to a relationship, you have less time, energy, and patience for your partner. Many couples find that they start having more trouble in their marriage after a baby comes along even if they feel the baby has brought them closer together. It’s a confusing paradox! This is when getting really good at listening and understanding each other makes a big impact on daily life and the wellbeing of your new family.

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