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Nena Complo offers women and families holistic support throughout the childbearing years. She is a holistic birth & postpartum doula, yoga teacher, and midwifery student. Nena lives with her sweet husband and their two radiant daughters in LoveLand, Ohio.

Nervines for Postpartum Anxiety

Nervines are excellent herbal allies for soothing postpartum anxiety. These nerve tonics offer gentle relaxation and calm without being too sedative. They restore emotional balance while nourishing the nerves and nervous system. Nervines specifically “help calm anxiety, heart, and GI tract symptoms caused by stress, mild sleeplessness, [and] irritability” (Winston & Maimes 206). They include antidepressant, pain relieving, and sleep enhancing qualities.

Let’s explore some of the best nervines for postpartum anxiety.

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Soothing Postpartum Anxiety with Belly Breathing

Postpartum anxiety lends to racing thoughts, and a driving compulsion to be constantly moving. Breathing exercises require coordinating movement and breath, a balance that necessitates focused attention and feels like “doing something.” Tuning into the mind-body connection, even for a moment in the midst of chaos, can melt tension as your awareness settles into your breath and your body. Belly breathing is particularly grounding, gentle, and easy. It is accessible anytime, anywhere!

Before we experiment with belly breathing, let’s look at your current breathing pattern.

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Organizing Your Postpartum Support Network – Part 2

So the first six weeks have passed. You’re still a new mom, but perhaps you feel pressure to be “back on your feet” and back to “normal”—whatever that means! You need people around you who support your integration process, however long it takes.
Healthy support networks are made of trusted, elevating, compassionate, and non-judgmental people. If you feel unsettled, unheard, or judged in someone’s presence, take space. Here are some considerations for building your long-range uplifting support network.

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Organizing Your Postpartum Support Network – Part 1

A postpartum mother is as physically and psychologically fragile as her newborn babe. Her mind may be scattered and she may feel otherworldly. Rightfully so—she has just bridged worlds in bringing new life onto Earth! She needs all of her inner resources to rejuvenate from pregnancy and birth and to mother her baby.

Postpartum support truly aims to mother the mother. A layered support network ensures her needs are met immediately after birth and on into motherhood. First, let’s explore what support looks like in early postpartum and where to find it.

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