Are You Hooked on Being Tired?

Being a new mother is fatiguing and stressful, but we add onto this a heap of our own inner baggage of being perfect. The stress from our heavy inner beliefs weighs on us, leading us to being chronically tried, but still not good enough.

To change this, the first place to start is to take a look at your beliefs about what a “good” mom does. Is it some version of a “super mom?” Are your expectations of yourself out of alignment with the deeper needs of your body or your spirit?

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How to Fall Apart Well

Motherhood stress comes in many different forms. Each of us has a certain amount of responsibilities and challenges we can handle at any given time, but if one more thing gets added to the equation, it can throw us into feelings of anxiety, anger, and intense overwhelm. When I am at the max of mother stress, I have the feeling of “falling apart.”

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4 Ways to Create Time for Postpartum Fitness

When we become moms, our fitness routines take a complete 180. If you never had much of a fitness routine before having kids and want to create one now, there is A LOT to navigate. Though my son was born over seven years ago, I STILL haven’t lost that pregnancy weight! This has frustrated me to no end, and I’ve taken it as my mission to figure out why women struggle so much with postpartum weight loss.

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