3 Tiny Tips For Staying Afloat Postpartum

Let’s face it, there’s no magical fix for the demands of life with a newborn/infant/toddler, and there’s no one-size-fits-all advice that can make the role of a new parent easy! But occasionally a random insight helps make daily life along the way a just little bit less crushing. So just in case they might be useful, here are a few simple tips.

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Coco-Curry Salmon Soup

Optimum postpartum nutrition should include essential healthy fats from foods like salmon and coconuts. After pregnancy and throughout the breastfeeding time, these healthy fats help restore our own nutritional reserves and continue to help our growing baby with their important brain development. Replenishing these essential nutrients is good for postpartum depression prevention and treatment, too. This recipe uses both of these New Mama superfoods!

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