Organizing Your Postpartum Support Network – Part 1

A postpartum mother is as physically and psychologically fragile as her newborn babe. Her mind may be scattered and she may feel otherworldly. Rightfully so—she has just bridged worlds in bringing new life onto Earth! She needs all of her inner resources to rejuvenate from pregnancy and birth and to mother her baby.

Postpartum support truly aims to mother the mother. A layered support network ensures her needs are met immediately after birth and on into motherhood. First, let’s explore what support looks like in early postpartum and where to find it.

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6 Nourishing Eating Habits for New Mamas

Pregnancy and motherhood can be a motivating time to add on to and enhance your own personal story about eating. In fact, it’s a great time to create a better story, a more nourishing story to pass along to your offspring.

Are you happy with your food choices at this point in your life? Or do your food choices sometimes cause you agony, guilt, or confusion? You may want to consider creating a more nourishing story around food as you answer the following questions.

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