Creativity, Motherhood and Keeping Your Spark

As women, we are creators of life. This creativity is both in our physical body as well as in our energy body. When we are pregnant, the creative flow moves internally into the creation of our baby and stays internal for the first few years. After our children become a little more independent, however, the need to live our creative passions still needs to be expressed.

For some women, the creative flow is satisfied in the raising of children and the creation of a home life centered around their children. There are many women, however, who’s creative needs lie beyond their children.

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Honoring The Postpartum Mama

How do we care for ourselves in the postpartum time and onward into the early years of motherhood? There is plenty of information available to women about how to take care of themselves and their baby during preconception & pregnancy. What’s missing is attention to the next stage of a woman’s physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing immediately after birth.

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Adding Strength Training to Everyday Activities

My sweet labrador Molly is my four-legged child. She has needs that pull at me daily. I adore her and love being with her. But sometimes I feel like she is another being who needs something from me, and I feel strapped for time!At minimum, she needs a daily walk, two 10 minute ball-throwing sessions and a weekly swim and doggie social hour for her to feel her best and be calm. Most of the time, my husband and I piece this together, but a lot of the time we’re not able to get it all in.

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