Do You Feel Depressed, Anxious, Exhausted, and Worried About Not Being a Good Mom?

I've created a program to transform your postpartum health and help you feel more peaceful, revitalized, and resilient as a new mother.

Are you struggling with feeling depressed when you want to be bonding and enjoying the precious time when your child is young? Are you feeling guilty that you aren't enjoying motherhood like you thought you would? Do you feel like you should be "better" by now but your fatigue and depression are still there?

I know exactly how you feel because I went through the same experience after the birth of my child.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve already taken that first important step toward overcoming depression and exhaustion naturally, getting some of your old self back, and having more energy for your child.

Let Me Tell You My Story...

When I became pregnant in 2004, I was full of excitement to become a mom and take care of my baby. I took a birthing class, planned a beautiful home birth, and even took time off from graduate school. I felt I had really prepared for a beautiful first year with my child.

But nothing prepared me for what I was to really experience.

A few months after my son was born, I started to notice that I didn't feel very connected to him. It made me feel terrible about myself. It felt like there was a barrier between the two of us and I was worried that I wasn't going to be a good mother.

I was also having a lot of anxiety that something bad was going to happen to him and I couldn't sleep at night because I was checking on him every hour. During the day I felt run down and easily overwhelmed. I had this sense of not being myself but I wasn't sure if I had postpartum depression.

At that moment, I decided that, no matter what, I was going to be happy. I was no longer going to struggle or settle for less than I was worth. I was going to define success for myself, and then set about making it happen in a big way.

St Johns Wort flower


Boost your mood with a combination of three powerful supplements

Fish oils for postpartum depression


Refuel your brain for optimum functioning with just two supplements 


Find deeper healing with tonic herbs, recipes, and key supplements

Learn How I Overcame Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Naturally Without Side Effects for Me & My Baby

At that point I started to explore alternatives. I went to see a naturopath and she gave me a homeopathic remedy that really helped, but it didn't last. 

I was also halfway through acupuncture school at the time so I started taking some Chinese herbs prescribed to me by one of my professors. Soon, I began to feel that my sleep was getting easier and more restful and I felt calmer.

I was still nagged by a general feeling of depression. It wasn't severe but it was still there even after a year. My final breakthrough came when I tried a specific vitamin and supplement.

Before leaving the store I took a dose. As I sat in my car I literally felt my mind clear and my body felt a rush of renewed energy. In that moment I felt I had come back to my old self. I knew then that if I put all the right pieces together, I could find a way to recover from postpartum depression, anxiety, and exhaustion naturally. 

In the following year I found a combination of natural remedies and supportive personal changes that brought me back to balance, sleeping through the night, having renewed energy, feeling calm and connected to my baby, and helped me find my own unique connection to motherhood.

If you want to find your natural balance once again, safely and without any side effects, don't waste another minute.

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    Discover the 3 supplements that work synergistically to boost your mood and ease emotional responses to postpartum stress, anxiety, and depression.
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    Learn how to nourish your brain for better concentration and optimum functioning so you can handle the demands of everyday life.
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    Bring your hormones into equilibrium with bio-identical hormones and herbal medicine and experience calm, harmony, and rejuvenation in your mind and body.

Rebalance Your Postpartum Mind and Body... Naturally

Based on my personal experience with the 2,000-year wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the most current research in nutrition and vitamin therapy, and the support and guidance from other women who have learned to redefine motherhood, I created a gentle yet effective natural and holistic treatment for postpartum depression and exhaustion.

This course was designed with you in mind.

I made this 3-step video course thinking of the new mama and her limited time while addressing breastfeeding health safety concerns.

This is a very complete yet gentle step-by-step healing plan. Very few women know about this and I want it to help as many as possible. We moms deserve to feel our best and our children feel the most connected to us when we do.

​What's in the Natural Postpartum Depression Recovery Plan


Rebuild Your Postpartum Health In 3 Steps

This course is a fundamental part of what I learned on my journey of motherhood: that a mother's postpartum health can become depleted and imbalanced and repairing this is the foundation to her overall wellbeing.

The Natural Postpartum Depression Recovery Plan is designed to help you progress through three essential stages of healing in a specific order:

  • 1
    Cut Through the Gloom: support your neurochemistry and step out of the darkness of depression and into the lightness of sunnier spirits.
  • 2
    Nourish Your Essence: replenish the fatty acid deficiency created by pregnancy that has a direct impact on our postpartum mama brain.
  • 3
    Build More Resilience: rebalance the endocrine system by focusing on the two most common areas of imbalance: cortisol and progesterone.

Is This Program Right for You?

I built this plan after years of study and trial and error drawing on over 20 years experience in using herbs, supplements, homeopathy, nutrition, and Chinese Medicine for my own wellbeing. In the end, I found a combination of elements that brought me back into balance by addressing the root causes of depression and exhaustion many mothers experience.   

This course only covers one part of my healing journey, which is how to use natural remedies to correct the physical imbalances that were contributing to my postpartum depression and exhaustion. I encourage you to have a holistic view of your experience to look at many other factors that may be a playing a part in your feeling of being out of alignment.

You and your baby are worth it!

Get the Complete 3-Part Plan for $97

Disclaimer: This program is NOT intended to nor should serve as a substitute for medical advice or diagnoses rendered to you by your individual doctor or other health care provider. Only a licensed physician should evaluate your situation, provide a diagnosis, or render other medical advice to you, and you should act only upon the advice of such physician.

If you are concerned you are in immediate crisis, please contact a trained medical professional immediately.

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