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Practicing self-care as a mother is an act of great courage and one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Taking care of your own needs helps you balance your “mother self” with your “other self” so you can be a more present and intentional parent.

3 Steps to Living Your Creative Passions

We mothers often struggle with feeling selfish when we do something for ourselves instead of our children. Although most of the time we love our children and being a mother, it’s easy to feel guilty or conflicted about putting energy into our other interests, in particular, our creative passions.

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Creativity, Motherhood and Keeping Your Spark

As women, we are creators of life. This creativity is both in our physical body as well as in our energy body. When we are pregnant, the creative flow moves internally into the creation of our baby and stays internal for the first few years. After our children become a little more independent, however, the need to live our creative passions still needs to be expressed.

For some women, the creative flow is satisfied in the raising of children and the creation of a home life centered around their children. There are many women, however, who’s creative needs lie beyond their children.

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