About Mamashine

In most modern societies, the time after childbirth is focused solely on the health and wellbeing of the new baby. But becoming a mother brings about radical changes in a woman’s identity, social relationships, community and health, and all too often, new mothers have no place to turn for guidance, support, or when needed, healing.

In contrast, older cultures throughout the world value the health and wellbeing of a new mother, both for herself and for her child. In time-honored traditions, women are tended, cared for, brought nourishing foods and given space and time to rest and care for their new babies. A community gently surrounds them offering mentorship, guidance and comfort as they enter the unfamiliar and often overwhelming new role of motherhood.

Mamashine offers resources and programs combining the lessons of these mother-honoring traditions with current research in maternal health and wellness to fill this important gap in a woman’s health and wellbeing, from after delivery to the first few years of motherhood.

Mamashine is also part of a movement trying to create a shift in how new mothers today are viewed, treated and cared for — a vision of postpartum care where mothers are given the support, community and resources they need to thrive, and are honored for the courageous choice they have made to enter the transformative path of motherhood.

To learn more about the inspiration behind Mamashine, go to My Story.

Mari Kurko


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